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Day-Zyne Release the KCI

Finally, the computer every gamer, mod addict or power user has been waiting for... the KCI (pron. K.C.). If you have the money, then this IS your PC.

Packed with all the latest technology, the KCI comes with a Pentium 4, 3.4Ghz with a 800Mhz Front Side Bus, all which hosts the Hyper Threading technology (HT) - HT basically makes the computer think that it has TWO processors instead of one, allowing your PC you process two simultaneous task - where as previous processors could only process one task at a time, but time slicing allowed the computer to appear that it was doing two things at the same time.

With 3.6GB of RAM, no task is too big, with XP being quite hungry on RAM, and the latest games demanding more and more, this amount of RAM will have you sitting comfortably for a long time. - Excellent for multimedia heads who create music and movies. RAM is used but the programs / applications you have open or are using at the time, INCLUDING the operating system (XP). If your PC runs out of RAM, it moves part of the contains of RAM that hasn't been used recently, to a bit of free space on the hard drive. (Officially known as Paging), this creates a bit of room on RAM for another program that needs it there and then. Then... when the data that's been put aside is needed again, the same happens again to create space for that data to come back in to as you can imagine, this shuffling around can take quite a bit of time when loading things up, so with the 3.6GB of RAM, this eliminates this whole process!. Well, as best it can, but the increase in performance is phenomenal.

Another exciting feature is the Serial ATA Hard Drives (SATA), a total of 6 hard drives are available to attach to the KCI, each with the super fast access ot SATA as apposed to the older technology - IDE - the performance advantage is that IDE hard drives could only pump down 133MB per second of data down the wire from the hard drive to the motherboard (then to the rest of the system), with SATA hard drives, a total of 150MB per second of data can be pumped down the wire to the motherboard. This will have you see an increase of performance in loading Windows XP, AND all applications you open.

The Abit 5900 Ultra 256MB Siluro OTES graphics card provides the ultimate performance in 3D graphics for the most demanding games. with the introduction of the GeForce ( nVidia ) 6800 series, faster cards have just become available, but Day-Zyne chose only Abit graphics card or maximum compatibility and reliability - so are waiting for the release of this card by Abit. But even with the 5900 Ultra, it has been very successfully tested with the latest and demanding games such as Doom 3, and Far-Cry, both graphically rich games, with amazing realism and special effects to have to gripped though out the game!

Last but not least is the cool look of the KCI. The window on the side of the case reveals the tidy set-up of your hardware, packed with no less that 7 neon blue fans - all controllable from the top panel on the from of the PC. 3 neatly hidden 13" neon blue tubes, all controllable by a integrated switch on the 3 1/2" bay. Two 4" mini neon blue tubes, installed behind the two front grills of the bottom half of the case. making this possibly one of the coolest cases to have. Click here to see the full technical spec.